Sexual Position – The Frog

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Sexual Position – The Frog


Couple A try the Frog Sex Position – spicy sex often involves trying something new… “

When I saw this sex position I felt pretty freaking intimidated. It looks awkward, and hard to get into. I was actually postponing trying it out. But, I’ve noticed that spicy sex often involves trying something new, and new things can feel scary the first time. We took on The Frog! In daytime, on the dining room table. So the blurb on this karmasutra sex position says, “He’ll have to take deep breaths to hold back on this one”. It’s true. It’s very deep penetration. The slow and sensual approach worked for us with this sexual position, otherwise my husband found it too arousing. That’s quite a turn on for me as a woman, because I felt incredibly sexy and powerful. Trying this different sex position on the dining room table helped create an exciting mood. We both knew we were up to something wild, and it put us in a curious and giddy mood. Pillows on the table for my knees were a must for me. Comfort is essential for all good sex positions, don’t you think?


Couple B – Try Out the Frog Sex Position….. And she says…

When it comes to deeply satisfying pleasure the Frog position is amazing. From a typical man behind position it’s a relief to allow your hips to drop and relax your upper body. It’s almost like taking a break and letting him do all the work, but once he starts slow in and out strokes you’ll find that your pleasure centers certainly aren’t relaxing. Every nerve ending will be standing on end, giving you tingling, full feelings as the orgasm builds and slowly takes over your body.

This sex position lets your guy control the action while also keeping an eye on the happenings. He can watch his shaft slide in and out of your body and even control your hips to get a better angle or deeper stroke. Whether shallow or deep each stroke hits spots inside, and you can easily slide a hand down to caress your clitoris while he strokes which just increases the build of pleasure leading up to a mind blowing orgasm that leaves you both breathless and sated.

This is definitely a finishing move because it’s hard to hold back for more than a few moments of this tight, deep stroking that pleases both of you immensely.



Couple C –  He writes “A snug fit sex position feels good!”

I make no bones about it. I’m sure no other man would be afraid to admit it. A snug fit sex position feels good! I don’t really have to complain about my lovemaking with my wife, because quite frankly she has such tight passion for me already—

But I have to tell you, the Frog sex position ups the ante a little. Talk about milking the shaft for my joy juice! There’s no better feeling….

For this sex position, the automatic thought is a doggystyle, only she’s on a table with me standing at one end, or a bed with me on my knees on the floor. The friction flourishes with the angle of her vaginal wall.

Normally I pour my passion out just from looking at my lovely wife on all fours with her back arched; but when she sits like a “frog” with her back curved upward….

In a nutshell, the sensation is unearthly! My steely member is lovingly crushed by her succulent center, and the only release to survive the ecstasy is an ear-splitting, earth-shattering orgasm.

Make no mistake: the Frog sex position doesn’t have a very long play-time, but the effect is worth it!